Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saving sea turtles caught in ghost nets at Napranum

In response to the large numbers of stranded turtles caught in Ghost nets, the project has been granted funding from the Community Coast Care grants to set-up a Turtle Rehabilitation Centre to hold injured turtles at Pennefather River, situated halfway between Weipa and Mapoon on the west coast. Napranum Land Protection Officers Peter Harper and Angela Christie have been patrolling Pennefather beach over the wet season to rescue marine turtles caught in Ghost nets.

Tanks, pumps, and plumbing equipment have been purchased and set up at Pennefather. Injured turtles will be rehabilitated and released on site. Turtles requiring more serious attention will be transported to the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre to receive long term care if necessary. Satellite trackers will also be purchased to help gather important information on post-recovery movements, particularly for endangered olive ridleys.

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