Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aerial Cull Dents Cape York Feral Pig Population

A feral pig aerial cull project has been undertaken in priority areas on the remote north-western Cape York coast. These areas have been targeted due to their importance for sea turtle nesting. CYSF coordinated the shoots with Jamie Molyneaux  from CYWAFAP, and worked with Apudthama Land Trust,Anggumuthi Traditional Owners and QPWS, to identify target areas.

A total of 450 pigs were cull over the 5 days between the Jardine River and the Skardon River. Field surveys were conducted along the Jardine beach after the cull was complete to evaluate whether the cull had reduced predation rates.  Predation had decreased; however there was still signs of pig activity on the beach. Planning  has commenced for a baiting and trapping program to compliment these shoots.

Photo credits: Jamie Molyneaux, CYWAFAP; Courier Mail

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